Organic Climbing

Organic Climbing strives to be the best in the business, celebrating bouldering in its most organic art form. With extensive knowledge of the climbing industry, Organic Climbing produces functional and durable products that are also unique. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and offers an alternative to more mainstream products, honouring the individuality and creativity of bouldering. They strive to promote the underground art scene through their work whilst delivering the highest quality, most functional and beautifully designed climbing goods. Time and quality go hand-in-hand as each piece has been carefully crafted to last a lifetime, inspiring your love of bouldering for years to come. With their small-scale production, no two products are the same, which not only prevents mass consumption but ensures each item is finished with an artistic touch. Within our Organic Climbing collection, you will find beautifully designed bouldering pads, roll down backpacks, distinctive chalk bags, and more. With Organic Climbing, you can support a shared love for bouldering and express your individuality through your climbing adventures.