Ocún was born in 1998, however, the founder Pavel Hendrych’s love for climbing dates back years earlier and he has since been developing innovative ways to improve climbing performance. A passion for climbing remains at the core of everything Ocún do; from engineering high-performing functional climbing gear to precise safety equipment, Ocún strive for perfection. Hendrych spent his years climbing ascents over the world and has worked with local climbers to create a range of products that combine quality, safety, function, and performance, encouraging climbers to conquer the vertical world. Their reward is providing their customers with the best climbing experience possible. Within our collection, you can shop a variety of designs such as their Strike Qc climbing shoes, Jett Lu climbing shoes, Bullit climbing shoes and more, for a precise ascent. Reach higher and achieve more with Ocún’s climbing gear and live the reality of their motto that only the best ideas deliver the best climbing results.