Nordisk Camping Gear

Nordisk means Northern in Danish, and finds it's routes in the company Northern Feather, founded way back in 1901. Originally specializing 100% in feather and down, they diversified into sleeping bags in the 1940s, to focus entirely on outdoor products in the 70s and 80s. These days it's tents which are Nordisk's particular specialty, and they have won a number of prestigious awards for tent design, most recently the RedDot Design Award, German Design Award, and iF Design Award in 2013, for their Nordisk Telemark 2 Tent. This success is largely down to their ability to achieve striking lightweight designs, whilst maintaining excellent structural support. Nordisk even ensure that their tents are tested to breaking point in a professional wind tunnel, so that you won't get any nasty surprises when you've pitched camp, out in the gale. Nordisk also use fabrics that offer just the right balance of weight, durability and water resistance, along with lightweight aluminimum and carbon poles. This combination of advanced construction, rigorous testing and industry recognition mean that we love Nordisk tents at Webtogs, and are confident that you'll be as impressed with their quality and performance as we are.