Nikwax was first sold in 1977 by Nick Brown from his North London flat, and since then they have expanded hugely giving us a whole range of products from waterproofing wax for walking boots, to solar proofing for tents. Nikwax aim to be the market leader in waterproofing and maintenance products for all weather clothing, footwear and equipment. They achieve this year-on-year by constantly designing, updating and testing new additions to their product range, while offering proven solutions such as Nikwax Tech wash and TX Direct wash-in, which remain the most trusted and effective solutions for cleaning and re-proofing clothing. At Webtogs we love Nikwax and their products because they believe in preserving the environment alongside with looking after your gear. They achieve this through using water as the basis for all Nikwax products. Water is not only environmentally friendly but of course also user friendly, and so can be used by everyone who knows how to operate a washing machine. Nikwax have helped countless outdoor enthusiasts with re-proofing, cleaning, protecting and reviving their clothing and equipment. Our Nikwax product range contains proofing and cleaning solutions for almost any type of outdoor clothing or equipment you can think of, from leather to softshell, and even climbing rope. So why not increase the performance and longevity of your outdoor kit by treating it to some Nikwax?