Outdoor equipment specialist NEMO live by the mantra of not bringing anything to the market that doesn't offer a better experience. NEMO develop their products by getting outdoors and observing the shortcomings in existing equipment, where they will then find solutions on how to improve camping gear to enhance every outdoor adventure. NEMO products are designed in-house by a close and collaborative team of designers and engineers who share a passion for exploration and love to use the gear themselves. Sustainability is at the core of the company, with NEMO leading the way with experimenting with bamboo tent poles, seeking to eliminate aluminium from the supply chain and developing the Ditto™ line in 2008 to reuse the remnant material from their tents. NEMO offer a wide selection of sublime camping gear such as NEMO sleeping bags and sleep mats, NEMO tents, NEMO tent pegs and NEMO camping accessories. With a love for outdoor adventure and a passion for exceptional design, no wonder NEMO continue to win innovation and “best of” awards every year.