For over 50 years Nalgene have been producing water bottles for backpackers and adventure lovers, with foundations in innovation and science. Their recyclable bottles were inspired by social and political movements in the 1970s that discouraged campers from burning or burying glass and can containers. From this Nalgene’s products became a popular alternative as their lightweight, high-density, wide-mouthed bottles were a safe and reliable option for those who love the outdoors. Nalgene’s bottles are proudly for everyone, from toddlers, kids, athletes, workers, adventures and more. Their bottles are designed to last a lifetime with leakproof caps, high-quality materials and 100% BPA/BPS-free construction so that you can stay safe and hydrated for years to come. Support Refill not Landfill and shop our range of Nalgene water bottles where you can find wide mouth and narrow mouth bottles, a variety of colours, and 500ml and 1-litre bottles to suit your dynamic needs.