Merrell Footwear

Merrell was founded by a few like-minded guys back in the early 80's and have been at the forefront of active footwear ever since. One of the first brands to use Vibram rubber in their shoe soles, Merrell shoes have made some great technological breakthroughs over the years, in particular pioneering lightweight and flexible designs to bring the user closer to the trail beneath their feet. Selling in 151 countries, Merrell now offer a huge range of shoes, boots, and sandals; the whole range built with performance in mind, and each style tailored to the wants or needs of the customer. Merrell, like most shoe brands, want to get more people to wear their shoes, boot and sandals. Their way of achieving this, and the Merrell mission statement, is to increase participation in outdoor pursuits, focusing mainly on children, so that later in life they have a true want and nostalgia to get out there. Merrell want to reach out to everyone and make life more fun and enjoyable, starting from the feet up. Why not get a piece of the action? Here at Webtogs we love the Merrell boots and the Siren & Moab models feature in some of our most popular products. Now we have hit the summer months the trends turn towards the Merrell sandals with the Kahuna III and the Terran a massive hit this year. For those of us looking for a more casual approach to our walking footwear then the Merrell trainers such as the Moab and Intercept are perfect for a lightweight approach to walking footwear.