Lowe Alpine

Lowe Alpine’s journey started in 1967, when the Lowe brothers produced their very first rucksacks in their Utah basement to fulfill their own personal needs as alpinists and climbers; today, they are internationally recognised for producing world-class carry systems. The Lowe brothers’ first backpack revolutionised the outdoor industry, producing a well needed breath of fresh air from the stiff and uncomfortable, externally-framed packs; instead offering innovations such as the very first internal frame, adjustable back system and side-compression straps. Though ownership of Lowe Alpine has been passed over the years, the Lowe brothers’ original vision has remained at the heart of the brand - to create practical, innovative products for use in extreme conditions. One of our favourites, the Altus 32, is a 4 season weather-proof pack designed for long hikes. Loaded with innovative features such as the Air Contour back system and HydroShield fabric; the Altus 32 can handle anything the great outdoors can throw at it year round.