The inspiration for Lifeventure sparked 25 years ago from the founder’s desire for complete freedom on his own travels. Lifeventure produces lightweight and functional accessories designed to help you take on your next adventure with confidence. Their team includes authentic travel experts who create products that they themselves love to use and supply travel essentials to explorers across the globe. Combining modern and innovative materials, techniques and processes, Lifeventure’s products will help you get the most out of any adventure and be there every step of the way. Life is not about the end goal, it's about enjoying the journey and with our collection of Lifeventure products, you can. Explore vacuum flasks, RFID wallet holders, camping bowls, trek towels and everything in between and make life’s unexpected adventures possible with equipment that you can rely on. Focus on enriching your life with unrestricted travel and let Lifeventure take care of the rest.