As pet lovers here at Webtogs, stocking Kurgo was a no brainer. Designed to make dog ownership that little bit easier; Kurgo purchases should be a no-brainer too for those who own pushy and over-excitable pups, and calm companions too, of course. Kurgo first began as the founder’s sprightly pup named Zelda had a habit of jumping spontaneously into the front seat on car journeys. After the founder, named Kitter, constructed the first prototype of the iconic and innovative Backseat Barrier, the brand snowballed into an unrivalled producer of travel and safety products designed specifically to solve the problems pet owners encounter. Kurgo is inspired by the mindset that a dog is a lovable family member, and life certainly would not be the same without them; so their products are crafted to make their life better too. Boasting trustworthy durability and always a simple yet effective design, here at Webtogs we cannot rave about them enough. From Harness’, seat belt tethers and dog vests to pet bowls and dumpster transporters; our selection is certified to stock that item you didn't know you needed.