Katadyn Water Purification

Access to clean drinking water is undoubtedly an essential in any adventure outdoors, especially in remote locations; so with the simple aim of ‘Making water drinking water, Swiss brand Katadyn has long since established themselves as a leader in innovation for portable water treatment systems. The collection of Katadyn products includes an extensive selection of Katadyn water filters, their Micropur purification tablets and even desalinators for marine industry applications, with the intention of delivering diverse options for everyone having access to clean, drinking water wherever they are. All Katadyn water filter and purification systems are designed and produced to ensure premium quality, ease of use and durability, which is why they are utilised by international aid organisations and military forces across the globe. Here at Webtogs.com you can find these Katadyn water purification systems to help you maintain the hydration needed on your next adventure.