Icebreaker began in 1995 and with imminent impact, born out of an ambitious goal to create technical apparel from all-natural, more sustainable materials. After talking with a Merino sheep farmer, founder Jeremy Moon saw the potential in finding a natural solution to producing more eco-friendly activewear. With belief, passion, and perseverance guiding the way, Moon began his journey to creating clothing that allows you to perform your best and reduce your environmental impact in the process, challenging norms and celebrating alternatives. Sustainability exists at the core of Icebreaker’s designs, ethos, production and is embedded in the brand rather than a feature of their products that fluctuates with seasonal trends. As well as using natural fibres, their products successfully strive to be simple, versatile, purposeful and designed to last. Whether you’re shopping bold base layers, technical t-shirts, or accessories to assist your next adventure, our range of Icebreaker clothing will offer you reliable support on your active pursuits and help contribute to a greener future.