Helinox Adventure Equipment

Helinox equipment brings you the same exceptionally strong and lightweight alloy tubes seen in DAC tent poles: but in a range of incredibly lightweight and unique folding chairs. DAC poles are universally acknowledged to be the best in the world for outdoor adventure use, and guarantee that Helinox chairs are equally rugged, supportive and lightweight. Combine these technical properties with unique and innovative folding design, and you have products which re-invent the concept of the outdoor folding chair. Thanks to Helinox products' small pack size, tiny weight and impressive strength, they have won a number of very prestigious design awards, most notably the Red Dot product design award in 2013, for the 850-gram Helinox Chair One. A must-have for any backpacker, traveller, cycle-tourer or outdoor enthusiast who values both comfort and weight-saving, the Chair One is also incredibly comfortable to sit on, and can withstand loads of up to 145kg. This goes to show that much can be achieved by sharing technologies between different fields of outdoor design! Any outdoor enthusiast knows that good outdoor equipment must be as light as possible without compromising strength or function. Viewed in this light, Helinox equipment is a triumph of outdoor design. As Helinox say: sitting is believeing.