Friction Labs

Friction Labs have been trailblazers in the rock-climbing industry for almost ten years and in that time, have perfected their highly renowned chalk formula. The company was founded by rock climbers who wanted to create the strongest chalk in the game for those who love climbing, bouldering, gymnastics, weightlifting and more. Each chalk goes through a rigorous testing process with professional climbers and athletes from around the world to engineer chalk that provides a high-performance, long-lasting grip and encourages a dynamic climb. Friction Labs have set a new standard in chalk for athletes and competitors across the globe and continue to remain ahead of the pack with their innovative products. They have created the world’s first hygienic chalk with their ‘Secret Stuff 80% Alcohol Chalk’, which promises a sanitised climb without compromising on a high-quality grip. Within our collection, you can find leading products as such, alongside Friction Labs Bam Bam chalk, Gorilla Grip chalk, Secret Stuff Chalk and more. Chalk is not just Chalk, so set yourself up for a successful climb with Friction Labs.