Men's Outdoor Bags

The humble bag has come a long way over the centuries with many types now being designed for specific kinds of travelling, weather conditions and outdoor activities so everyone can carry essential gear, clothing and other belongings easily and comfortably. Our selection of Men’s Backpacks & Bags have been designed by premium outdoor adventure brands to be highly functional and perform exceptionally well, while being comfortable to wear due to anatomically correct fits. Men’s Backpacks and Day Packs give the option to carry a day or so’s worth of gear on the trail; whilst Travel Luggage and Duffel Bags enable greater storage capacities for longer expeditions. For those who enjoy the outdoor way of life at a faster pace, our Men’s Backpacks and Bags also includes Hydration Packs so you can drink water, hands-free whilst on the move and Bum Bags for carrying just the bare essentials.